Do you feel blah? Are things not working out for you or going your way? Sometimes, you just have to change your vibration. When you are operating on the highest vibrational levels, then you are better able to attract whatever you wish into your life; conversely, when you are in…

When we feel anger, it is because we have a different expectation of a person’s reaction or how a situation should be. We have to acknowledge that just because we expected a certain result does not mean that it is necessarily the “right one.” As we know, we humans are…

All About Falling

The National Council of Aging says one out of four Americans aged 65 and over fall each year. Other sites say one out of three seniors will fall.

Falls are the leading causes of fatal and nonfatal injuries in seniors. Hip fractures, broken bones and head injuries…

Why Reiki?

I have been practicing Reiki for over 12 years now, and I can see how this healing modality is slowly easing into the mainstream.

When I first started practicing Reiki, it seemed that no one knew about it, this calming, healing energy. My family thought it odd as…

Food. It’s on everyone’s mind in Iran. I would say for my husband’s Persian family, it is a major pursuit. “What will we eat tomorrow?” someone will invariably ask as we polish off today’s meal.

To give an idea of how much preparation is involved, may I provide the example…

Zooming Along

I zoomed yesterday. I’m set to zoom on the weekend and the following Monday. I am a Busy Baby Boomer Zoomer. Sounds so wonderful, so easy, right?


Let me detail my bumpy, sometimes shocking and totally confusing road to Zooming.

First of all to give you an…

Patty Tahara Rassouli

Rassouli pursues eclectic musings on the wonder, craziness, and joy of life.

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